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Vision Pest Management is a family owned and operated company that has the experience and the training to handle any pest problem safely and effectively.   We guarantee your pest control services will be performed by an Associate Certified Entomologist equipped with the latest technologies.  We pride ourselves on being customer focused and believe that if the customer is central to everything we do, then our business will grow and flourish.

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No one understands pest control better than an Associate Certified Entomologist.  In order to provide effective results, you must understand the pests you are dealing with.  There are only 67 Associate Certified Entomologists in the state of Georgia, and Dexter is among this select group of professionals.

Customer Reviews

 If the Bridgemillers remember, I was looking for a new pest company not long ago.  Had several that we talked with and had a look at.  This guy won, hands down.  This is not your big box solution who is just trying to meet his numbers and add to his territory.  Had Dexter come out and do pest and termite.  Super nice and very thorough.  Highly recommend. 

Kim Helley

About Us

Vision Pest Management

A little about us!

 Vision Pest Management is a family-owned Pest company founded by Dexter Forrester and his wife, Melissa.  Dexter and Melissa married in 2001 and are long-time residents of Cherokee County.  They currently live in Canton, Georgia with their three sons.

Dexter has been in the Pest Control Industry for over 16 years and has successfully completed Purdue University's Department of Entomology's Advanced Urban and Industrial IPM Program.  He holds the title Associate Certified Entomologist after obtaining 7 years of experience and training in the Pest Control Industry and passing a rigorous certification exam.  Dexter is also a State Approved Instructor for the Pest Control Industry.  Additionally, Dexter has served on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Pest Control Association (GPCA).  As Region Director, his duties included sponsoring  region meetings, providing training, and creating regulatory awareness among independent pest control companies.  Dexter is a Certified Operator in Household Pest Control, Wood Destroying Organisms, Mosquito Management and Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator.

Melissa holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Reinhardt University and a  Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Kennesaw State University. Melissa is licensed for Household Pest Control and Wood Destroying Organisms in the state of Georgia.  

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Vision Pest Management

110 Fate Conn Rd, Canton, GA 30114

(770) 617-5722