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Hearing Noises In Your Walls or Attic?

Rodents are responsible for devastating diseases and structure fires resulting in the loss of human life.  The National Apartment Association reports rodents are responsible for 20-25% of all structural fires in the U.S. due to their constant gnawing on wires and bodily fluids short-circuiting electrical components.

​Vision Pest Management will conduct a close inspection of the structure inside and out, looking for holes, gaps, or structural defects.  We then develop a trapping program and  seal-off rodent entry points to control current and future rodent activity. 

Customer Reviews

Came home from vacation to the smell of death.  After exhaustive efforts to locate, we called Vision Pest Management.  Even though it's after 5:00pm on a Friday, we received a quick visit from the best pest management service ever.  This isn't the first time that we've been rescued and Dexter goes above and beyond in customer service.  There is no better service and person behind the business than this!

Lilli Bowen

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